All Said and Dun

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Paul Dunmall
Nick Stephens
Tony Marsh

1. Unfinished Pleasure 22:41
2. Walking Back 8:21
3. Coming Round 21:05
4. All Said and Dun 7:57

Artwork Fay Stephens

Loose Torque LT016 Category

“A hour of cohesive interplay, defined by three minds working in parallel with generous hearts. It’s improvisation, jazz, maybe it is only the will of sharing a common vision between gifted artists – and the audience is the element that profits from this kind of game….They just launch themselves into exploring the subtleties of a single phrase or a series of figurations, their combinations and contiguities, how everything works together until a climax is reached. Then the trio shifts towards something different, each and every time avoiding glittering lights and glamour in favour of a cross of noir-ish whispers and discreet presentiments.” Massimo Ricci – Touching Extremes

“……free improvisation, calmly and gently exploring the sounds and the rhythms. This is indeed not a blowfest, there is no aggression or harshness to be heard, but rather musical openness, tentative explorations and huge amounts of musical feeling. And it’s especially the latter which is really becoming Dunmall’s trademark, his tone is warm, buttery, rounded, yet the end result and the overall tonality and atmosphere superbly co-created by the rhythm section. Stephens and Marsh are extremely sensitive and precise musicians, contributing to the overall subtlety and expressiveness of this album.” Stef Gijssels

“When Dunmall breaks out the New Thing rhetoric, the rhythm section is right there to support him and when the volume drops, interjections crackle and dance around each other with sinewy grace” Marc Medwin All About Jazz. See full review at:

“Much of what one might want most in a music is apparent in a Salvation Army band: it’s the utopian combination of collective will, spiritual message and community good. The same dynamic is apparent in this version of free improvisation, a group dialogue with strong roots in the jazz tradition……While Dunmall can proceed with the intensity of a quest, the engine of his line is rooted in melody and the idea of variation. It’s also a flexible trajectory, shifting with the impulses of the moment and the input of his partners. There’s reflection and wit, aside and extended conversation, with moods from playful to intense” – Stuart Broomer, Point Of Departure.

Dunmall, Stephens and Marsh playing at the Loose Torque Causes Vibrations concert at The Vortex 12 March 2008 Filmed by Helen Petts