Calling Signals Arctic Fire – Live at The Vortex 1995

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Frode Gjerstad – alto saxophone
Paul Rutherford – trombone
Nick Stephens – double bass
Terje Isungset – drums, handmade instruments

1. Libertalia 27:23
2. Grape and Spillage 11:02
3. Arctic Fire 31:49
4. Ruthers makes an announcement. 00:47

Released March 1, 2018

Recorded at the old Vortex 12 November 1995
Recorded to DAT by Frode Gjerstad
Produced by Nick Stephens
Artwork and design by Fay Stephens

Loose Torque LT004 Category

In January 1995 an all day memorial concert was held in London to pay tribute to John Stevens. Frode and I played the penultimate set in a trio with Terje Isungset. Paul Rutherford brought the celebration to a fitting close with a wonderful solo set. Later, over a beer or two, we determined to play together as a quartet. In November of that year Calling Signals played its first gigs in Norway, followed by an Arts Council supported tour of the UK. This music was recorded on that tour.