Chris Turner harmonicas
Bob Morgan clarinet
Rachel Maloney violin
Nick Stephens double bass

Improv One 8:50
Brief Encounters 2:04
Improv Two 5:04
Mere Bagatelles 1.11
Improv Three 9:17
Improbable Impromptus 3:11
Improv Four 8:13

Recorded 19th March 2003
Recorded and produced by Nick Stephens
Artwork Fay Stephens

Loose Torque LT008 Category

An improvising group based in Providence Rhode Island.

“How bold is it to feature such a highly tempered instrument – and one of such seeming limited range – in an improvising group where elsewhere abundant possibilities for extended tequnique abound? Turner is able to create subtle drone-like effects or to wail polytonally (and of course he occasionally shines up an idiomatic nugget too). It’s a rich brew, with Morgan’s lush chalumeau sound standing out. The group takes its time on the several long improvisations that frame the disk, but some of the most satisfying moments come on the briefer tracks – almost incisions (knowingly called ‘bagatelles’) – that are sprinkled throughout. The slow moving “Improv Three” features the disc’s finest moment, a rapturous passage of multi – directional playing which recalled for me a Schnittke string quartet. An unexpectedly pleasing and provocative disc.”
Jason Bivins Signal To Noise

Chris Turner: harmonicas. Born in London, studied composition with Chris Small, improvisation with John Stevens and blues with Sonny Terry. He has also worked at Soho Rep and the Dance Theater Workshop in NYC, Echo Theater in Portland Oregon, and Alias Stage and All Children’s Theater in Providence. In 1975 he was the winner of the European Harmonica Championship. He has toured extensively in Europe, Africa and North America. He is also a featured soloist with the RI Philharmonic, the Boston Symphony Orchestra and the Ocean State Chamber Orchestra and has performed and composed for MusicWorks, theTanglewood Chamber Music series. In 2004 he performed at the Lincoln Center with the Brooklyn Philharmonic for the world premiere of The Gaian Variations. Other gigs/recordings include: Ian Anderson, Champion Jack Dupree, Portsmouth Sinfonia, Bobby Bradford, Eugene Chadbourne and Peter Wetzler.

Rachel Maloney: Born playing fiddle in Norton, Virginia in the heart of the Appalachia Mountains. Studied art at The Royal Academy and met Chris Turner in The Portsmouth Symphonia. They made their home in North Carolina for twenty years and are now resident in Providence.

Bob Morgan: clarinet. Studied classical and jazz at Leeds, specialising in composition, clarinet and tenor. Was musical director of The Liverpool Playhouse and composer for televisions Take Hart.In 1995 formed The Angel Of The Odd improvising orchestra and chorus who accompany German silent movies of the 1920’s.

Nick Stephens: double bass