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1. Mra/Khali
2. The Big(Pine)Apple
3. Summertime
4. Hug Pine

Dudu Pukwana – saxophone, piano
Nick Stephens – bass, foot-tapping
Diners and waiters – background racket

Recorded November 1989 by Dudu Pukwana
Mixed and produced by Nick Stephens
Artwork Fay Stephens


This release is for anyone who, during this pestilence, is missing going out to a restaurant or bar with live music.
Warning: This is not a great recording.

In November 1989 Dudu Pukwana and I started playing once or twice a month at a New York style deli in Soho London. It was not a room ideally suited to music, having tiled floors and walls – all mirrors and shiny metal. It was a large room with an upright piano halfway down and, if I remember correctly, the service was done in the same room – you can certainly hear it.
Dudu used to carry a radio/cassette player and would tape his gigs – just to check them out, I think. He gave me a box of them one time, but they were not good quality. So, besides the recording quality and the room acoustics, there’s the racket of the diners enjoying themselves – this was not a jazz club situation.

The tracks I’ve chosen, from the only usable cassette, are from what I think was our first night at the deli and have Dudu playing mostly on the joanna. Diners would often get up between courses and have a little dance round the table. So, put on the music, make yourself a pastrami on rye, close your eyes and rattle some cutlery.
Nick Lockdown Stephens

Released June 14, 2020