Telling Tales

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1. Precipice 21:56
2. Meditations in an Emergency 23:49
3. Mtumbe 23:24

Nigel Coombes – violin
Nick Stephens – double bass

Track 1 recorded 27th June 2003
Track 2, 3 recorded 9th March 2006
Recorded by Nick Stephens in Northwood

Frode Gjerstad – track2 Clarinet, track3 Alto and Bass saxophones.
Recorded October 2020 by Frode Gjerstad in Stavanger.

Mixed and produced by Nick Stephens
Artwork by Fay Stephens


Afternoon sessions recorded in my loft studio. The airy sound of Precipice is because I forgot to close the window – you can hear a blackbird at the start. Nigel and I would meet at the pub at lunchtime for a chat and a couple of pints, then head up to my studio for an enjoyable scrape about.

When The Pestilence struck Frode and I decided that we would try and do some recording together via the internet. Later while mixing these old duo recordings, I called Frode and asked if he’d like to have a virtual play with Nigel and me. I sent him two tracks. He chose clarinet for the first track and for the second played two versions – one on alto and one on bass saxophone. I liked them both so Ii opens with the alto and closes with the bass.

Released November 6, 2020